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1.8 million objects. >> according to police three people arrest forward stealing a yacht are refusing to coop rai. they rant yacht aground in pacifica. this super yarkt was stolen from its berth sunday night. the story goes from strange to stranger. >> yes. it does. the 82 foot darling was stolen from its slip here at the sauce let yes yacht harbor sunday night recovered in -- brought out to sea this morning about 30 minutes after midnight. the suspects are a 63-year-old gardener, police say gardener may be from wyoming. early yesterday we saw him at the wheel of the boat trying unsuccessfully to get it off the sand. the second suspect is darlo
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mira, 54 years old, from aptos. the third lisa modeowell. she and mira have police flordz santa cruz. >> public disorder, property crimes, like theft. narcotic ootz chief of police in sausalito couldn't tell us more. it's a pacifica police who arrested the suspects have questioned them. >> yesterday was a detective. >> the owner of the boat is still refusing interviews but he did tell me over the phone he had never met any suspects. the boat is now being repaired at this yard in richmond. the keel is cracked. there is fuel leaking out of the bottom of the boat. the pro peller is bent. the bottom of the rudder is torn away. and the question is... how did the suspects get aboard this boat and start up the engines and get out of the bay?
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>> the boat itself doesn't -- has evidence that they -- they forced entry. >> the chief of police says they just broke in. as for engines well, the manager says it's not that hard. >> you don't have to have a key? >> no. there is just a series of switch asks control panels you turn on. a lot of times there is no engine keys. if there was, they're not complicated to bypass. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from that manager about the extent of the damage insiftd boat. and what it says about the plea people inside during the time that it was stolen. >> an alaska air lines flight turned back and made an emergency landing after an engine caught fire. flight 2404 took off from san jose international airport just after 11:00 a.m. just about 20 minute nootz
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flight about 20,000 feet into the air. the captain noticed the right engine on fire. the second aircraft was used to complete the flight to boise. >> a registered sex offender arrested this morning after police say he broke into a woman's home while she leapt. the 29-year-old is on probation for burglary. he was wearing an ankle bracelet when taken into custody. police say the woman awoke to find an intruder in the bed room. she was able to describe the suspect. police found him nearby. investigators say he had womens' under wear in his pocket. >> police need help identifying a woman found dead 25 years ago. investigators hoping this will help someone recognize the african american woman about 40 years old when her body was discovered in 1988. police say there was nofdz of
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foul play. these personal effects found on her including a necklace with the letter "f", watches and a pink sweater could help someone identify her, anyone with information is asked to contact the antioch police department. >> santa cruz police have invited the public to a casket viewing for two officers killed in the line of duty last week. the walk through for the detective sargeant lauren butch baker and detective butler from 3:00 until 8:00 p.m. on ocean street. on thursday, a memorial will be held for these two officers. it will be held at noon. we'll broadcast it here begin agent 11:00 a.m. on abc 7 news and abc 7 >> communications lifeline is on the way to thousands of californians who cannot afford something most of us take for granted. a cell fochblt abc 7 news joins us live with more on the
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new program that will be sending out thousands of free phones. >> land line customers have been paying a fee every month for decades to subsidize phone service for the poor. it's now expanding to cell service. gary is homeless. she needs to call someone, the shelter has a land line with limited features she and others can share during business hours to keep in touch with friends, family, doctors and job prospects. >> they have a free phone there but you can only call certain places. long displans, you -- distance, you can't call. >> assurance wireless is making available free cell phones. 4.6 million households are eligible. only those on supplemental security income, food stamps or other programs or anyone esh earning less than $15,000 a year qualifies. it's a basic phone with 250 text as loued per month.
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more is available to buy. >> when you save money, now, those can be used to pay rent, take care of children pay for heat, groceries. >> the program called lifeline assistance was funded by land line customers who pay a small monthly fee into the universal fund. when cell phones came on the market, now it pays for free cell phone service in 39 states. administrators say it is possible to increase with the latest expansion. >> they should give people homes, not phones pretty much. >> given the universal fund help sod many seniors maintain a land line in the past others feel a small increase is okay to help the needy. >> there are no pay phones
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anymore. there is no way for people to communicate. so it's just one basic of life now. it seems so i'm for it. >> i think there are a lot of people that can't afford the phones. >> homeless advocates say the free phones will help people call shelters to see if there are beds available f you think you qualify you can go to our web site and we'll link to you more information. >> san francisco bay bridge will be illuminated like never before. have you probably seen the bay bridge lights during testing. but the grand lighting ceremony for the bay lights is set for 9:00 p.m. tonight. restaurants and bars are expecting big crowds. drivers won't be able to seat display unless looking in the
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the rear view mirror. private donations paid for the art work that will be on display for two years. that is stunning. yes. might be a distraction for drivers there. >> coming up the new smart phone a step away -- ahead of you turning pages with eye movement autos victoria's secret raising eye brows with new marketing maneuver autos plus, what 49ers player chris culliver is doing to makeup for statements he made during super bowl week
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very publicized domestic violence case is back in court today.
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this time, before the state supreme court. a lower court overturned a second degree murder verdict of a man who killed his girlfriend in front of her children. the victim's family hopes this higher court will finally bring them justice. >> terry ramirez now goes by the name terry belltran. that is how publicized the case has been n 2000 he murdered his ex-girlfriend in front of her children. this outrage goes in the diltz community because geltran had a documented history of domestic violence against her and was on probation. but belltran already fled to mexico, caught and later tried. he was found guilty of second degree murder. liz aguilar tarhee was the prosecutor it gave the family closure, it was just based on the evidence. >> but the conviction was overturned by a state appeals court. his attorney had argued belltran
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was provoked by the victim when she told him she was pregnant and had had an abortion. because this sent him over the edge, his attorney claims it should have been manslaughter and not murder. they're asking for another trial. he remains in custody. his attorney did does not want to comment. professor rory little is with uc hastings college of the law. >> we should have got an instruction that was correct. the argument that it wasn't right. >> the california supreme court must decide if the conviction should be upheld. it doesn't matter what instruction he got, right or wrong. the evidence was overwhelming waits second degree murder and we shouldn't reverse his conviction. >> i think it sends a message that domestic violence in itself is not a serious or that there may be provocations from certain things a victim would co-say to make sure death more understandable.
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and certainly we find that concerning. >> the court has 90 days to decide. >> all right. samsung next smart phone will include an i scrolling feature. an employee who spoke on condition of anonymity says galaxy x 4 will track a user's eye. when reaching the bottom of the page it will scroll down to reveal the next paragraph. it will be intro dmusd a news conference taking place in new york. that is something. >> remarkable. >> when your smart phone contract expires a law says you may not switch to another carrier but the president wants to change that. >> yes. michael finney is here with another change that could unlock phone autos this is people rising up and going are you kidding me? the white house heard from
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114,000 smart phone customers. they signed a petition saying they want the right to switch carriers. the president says he agrees. the white house wants to change a rule making it a crime to switch carriers. that rule took affect january 26th aplaying to phones purchased and a lot of people will reduce competition among carriers. relaxing rules will take an act of congress so change will be slow. mercury insurance filed a lawsuit to block a decrease in insurance rates. the state insurance commissioner ordered kpt to reduce rates by 8%. that decision was based on a review of the revenue and expenses.
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so about 270 home owners are about to get insurance. the lawsuit will delay price breaks for homeowners. >> nothing speaks of madison avenue like the dollar. sheer proof. subtle ads are forcing adults to make decisions about their between-aged daughters. no longer is sexy under wear of victoria secret just for grown ups. it seems they're going after between market, too. even using super stars to make them -- help them, i should say grab that market. this mom and blogger is just fine with that for her 9-year-old daughter. >> i don't think there is anything wrong with having cute panties and bras from the big girl store. >> when you you become a preteen you want to go away from gymbore skpe. on to the next level.
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>> the tween market is a $30 kbrinl industry. forbes magazine says marketers are targeting younger girls. we keep telling you that. every time they're targeting younger and younger. >> amazing. thank you. >> sure. >> thank you very much. >> the change in the weather is on the way. beautiful up here, before a storm starts to sweep in, you can see dark clouds starting to lower down. temperatures falling quickly. winds kick up every now and then, bloi the trees around. right now, it's calm. taking a look at video we shot a while ago. time lapse here showing clouds sweeping in. this is a beautiful area. a lot of folks stop to take a look at the view. you can see 40-50 minutes ago.
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speaking of reservoirs this snow is just precious to californians. it's crucial for everything. we're expecting snow here and some areas you can see what low clouds look like. we're going come back out and take a look here at interstate 880. folks happy to be getting out of the mountains before the storm sweep n.z two officers have pulled over two trucks high tailing it out hoping to beat the snow. inform your haste you don't want to end up speeding too. once again conditions here heading in we're going to get two to-to-four inches. the snow level is going fall and going to get interesting tomorrow. folks coming up here, prepare
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for winter. we got a break but are going to get a taste of winter right here in the next 24-48 hours. >> dave, thank you. >> you know jeers are anxious for the snow. but this storm is on its way. >> yes. sandhya patel is here now. >> we need the snow up there. it's coming. i'll show you right now what it looks like from doppler perspective. you can see where rain line is. we are getting rain around where we are here. hundredths of an inch measured so far. some light returns that the hour. fish rock at this point is going to continue to spread across the entire bay area.
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here is what is coming up. we have snow towards sierra nevada. they will be getting 10-20 inches. here is a live. you can see clouds gathering. rain is on the way here. in the 50s, 56 degrees in san francisco. this is a view from lake tahoe tv providing a view of heavenly. you can see clouds getting darker. snow will be coming up. the winter storm warning is going up for tonight and going into tomorrow. livermore, 56. showing you what is coming up it's a cold rain overnight. it will be breezy with scattered showers more showers likely slight possibility of thunderstorms. could see snow over local hills. 2500 to 3,000 feet this, is the low i'm talking about.
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the cold front up to our north we're expecting wintery weather throughout thursday. hang on to umbrellas. you'll need them both days. starting tonight 7:00 rain line still in the north bay. it starts to shift by 10:00 p.m. light rain across most of the bay area, then, scattered showers heading into 5:00 a.m. wednesday for the time that many of you are heading out of the door for the morning chute. we'll see windy conditions as well f you'll need to hang on to steering wheels. scattered showers will continue. thursday another band comes through here. it winds down. rainfall totals highest in the north bay mountains. lower elevations half an inch to an inch. so we're talking about significant rain depending on where you live. morning lows.
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make sure you have your umbrellas. little ones have rain coats heading off to school. it's a much cooler day. scattered showers in the forecast with most areas in the 50s. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. rain switching to showers going into thursday dry friday. milder weather with plenty of sun. sunday we go to daylight savings time. i know how much less sleep will get but we do fall forward sunday mosh morning, monday, tuesday, we'll see 70s in the forecast. >> getting sleep it will be light longer. >> that is right. >> just ahead it could be the first of its kind case. why a kissing couple was asked
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to take their public display affection outside of a mall. >> and michael finney is going to let new on a table cloth res strunt eat for less than $10 no, kidding. we'll be right back here.
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two roseville men say they were kicked out of a shopping mall because they were holding hands and kissing. they were at westfield gal reara -- galleria on saturday they kissed each other on the cheek. they say a security guard came up and asked them to leave telling two men they have the same policy held for any couple. >> makes me feel no matter what i do for society i'll be different. >> the perfect world there should nobody different treatment between straight couples and gay couple autos a
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kiss in is scheduled for saturday at the mall. westfield galleria says they embrace the kiss in and all customers are welcome. >> the 49ers player caused a stir at the super bowl for his antigay remarks is making g he found himself in the center of a media storm saying a gay teammate would not be welcome in the locker room. today, culliver visiting a leading organization for lgbt teens in los angeles. the 25-year-old corner back indicated woe like to volunteer with the organization in the future. >> interesting bit a technology news whachl if the iphone was called the moby? that is one of the back up names apple considered. cisco owned the trademark but reached a deal before the phone came out. tripod and ipad were possible
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names. of course, the company did. >> right. it doesn't have the same ring to it.
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dan and i will be back at 6:00 resuming the countdown to the bay bridge light show. and we'll hear from the artist who designed it also at 6:00 the medical that could have a big payoff. decades of lab sample that's could lead to a break through. >> a restaurant that is about to close its doors. that is coming up at 6:00. >> finally, abc 7 news kristin zee went back to her alma mater for career day. >> she talked to students about the career path she took after graduation. >> her advice believe in your self and never stop trying.
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what is good advice. >> world news is with diane sawyer is up next. >> from cheryl jennings and all of us, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, all-time high. the market soaring higher than ever before in american history. will it last? and will the winners use their profits to create jobs? breaking news. hugo chavez, the strongman of venezuela, has died. the unpredictable, provocative adversary of the u.s. so, what does this mean for america and all that venezuelan oil? knives on a plane? a surprise announcement, dramatically changing what travelers can carry on board. and why flight attendants are fighting mad about it tonight. and, real money. one drug, very different prices, right in your neighborhood. see how we help a family save thousands of dollars on prescription drugs and a new,
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simple trick that can save you real money, too. good evening. on this, a day for the history books. the stock market on a rocket ride, blasting through a ceiling and closing at an all-time high. and this was the scene on the floor of the new york stock exchange. big smiles. compare that to the dark days of the recession, this trader in despair, shocked, head in hands. so, how can we trust the stock market bounce this time? and will it bring more american jobs? abc's linzie janis, who has covered financial markets for years, tells us. >> reporter: cheers of joy and relief on the trading floor. is this good times ahead? >> well, right now, it is a time to celebrate. >> reporter: a long way from that previous high back in october 2007.

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